late bloom

by good times

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written and recorded by kenny and toshio winter 2016


released January 3, 2017



all rights reserved


good times San Francisco, California

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Track Name: buckle
i'll never make it
i'm wondering how long i can fake it
so much time has passed thinking it will get better
the days will stretch and turn to forever
dreams left behind, will it happen, seems like never

it's about that time i question every single decision
knowing that i can't make any revision
it seems like i can see my ambitions
crowded among my failed missions

how bad I wish i could start over
i just feel myself sinking lower
can't admit i'm not getting closer
i know i'm only getting colder

i catch myself thinking where did i go wrong
It's consumed my mind for far too long

my ambitions are seen through a window so thick
there's nothing i can do to break through to it

harder to swallow the fact that i'm stuck in this rut getting deeper
my strength to crawl out is getting weaker

i thought if i kept my busy enough it would change
but i go to bed every night feeling just the same

this lump in my my throat
swelling bigger and bigger until i fucking choke
Track Name: introvert
bailed on my friends
i swear it wasn't my fault
i couldn't get out of bed
couldn't get out of my head

i don't want to go out
i'll just say i don't have time
filled with so much doubt
can't break this shell of mine

i just want to be myself
i don't want to be sad anymore
so hung up on everything else
being awake has become a chore

i know i can fake it
but i don't want to be disingenuous
everything is bullshit
but i shouldn't be so selfish

life has become a dull void
full of discontent i can't avoid
i'm no longer inspired
in bed all day but not even tired

it doesn't matter what i'll do
i'll always be askew
on the run for something new
i can't escape this blue

my life seems to have lost its gleam
i'm not sure why or how
closing my eyes just to dream
i sleep for different reasons now
Track Name: broken shell
i woke in the morning thinking I was still dreaming
the sun shone your windows
bright and gleaming
i whispered something in your ear
but you were still sleeping
i was just happy you were near
didn't care if you weren't listening

i've never been so quick to put my guard down
i've never worn my heart on my sleeve
i've never wanted to believe

the moments that passed too quickly
you kissed me so affectionately
i don't ever want to leave this bed
engrossed in your company

now i'm stuck going over the memories in my head
replaying them over and over again

so this is where it begins
i still smell your scent on my skin