by good times

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written by kenny, toshio, and matt. late summer/fall 2015
recorded, mixed, and mastered by toshio


released November 8, 2015



all rights reserved


good times San Francisco, California

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Track Name: get away
my friends and I all shared the same trends
we thought we'd last until the bitter end

never did I expect such distance
now I'm left with just resistance

but we all change, we're still growing

im sick of being embarrassed and scared. I want to be proud. I want to be loud.
i know that I'm not flawless. It's time I cut my losses
should I trim the fat, and start all over
missed opportunities and forgotten ambitions

i need to get away from here,
i need to get away from this gray

i'm acting like I have it all figured out
but I still don't know what life's about

i don't know what I'm doing
and I sure as hell don't know where I'm going
Track Name: miles (before i sleep)
sitting on the edge of my bed
head in my hands
i think I've missed my chance

hardly a peak,
worse than a plateau
my future is bleak
my morale is weak

smart enough to know
not to judge myself against others
it's hard to ignore
the success of another

as I fight the urge to sleep
the memories of failure I will keep
everyone wants to be different
but I'm not a black sheep

if anything I'm grey,
i gave up yesterday
Track Name: hold your breath
i'm stuck.
a long time ago I ran out of luck
i feel so much cognitive dissonance everyday
as I see the time slip away
my options pass like sand though my fingers, the pain still lingers

infinite possibilities reduced to none, not a single battle has been won
hesitation runs its course, I hang my head with remorse

unfolding in front of my eyes like a movie
my life is passing me by

i hate where I'm at and everything I do. I want something new

impatient and insensitive
no one can help, I hide behind myself.

today will be better I said
try not to think.
Track Name: brooding
another sleepless night
my future once so bright
now everyday,
another low light
Track Name: dim
i used to have hope
everything has become such a chore
i don't believe in anything anymore

i sigh harder everyday
motivation has gone astray
my goals so far away

is today, the day I finally wise up and make a change

i know, not deep down, but on the very surface of my skin, that I am nothing special

i just want everything to be less stressful
no more wasting time on being careful

don't you mind me
hold fast, cant flee
i'm closing in
but I know I can't win

another set back drains my energy like a leech
success is so far out of reach
Track Name: weight
don't tell me you believe in me
we all know it doesn't help
i don't even believe in my self
another day begins and I'm still here
can't stand to look at myself in the mirror

this brooding is never ending
and I don't want to spend my time feeling sorry for myself
this ache in my chest is the only motivation I have left

the further along I get I realize I'm alone in this
surrounded by less people everyday

and I'm not even lonely
i'm not even mad
i'm not even sad
i'm not anything